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Welcome to the official website of Maxpro Pedicabs – a manufacturer of the most innovative and stylish-looking tricycle pedicabs, rickshaws, cargo tricycles and cargo bikes. With experience in the engineering of the industrial design and an interest in eco-friendly and innovative forms of transport we created the range of ultimate tricycles. The range includes pedicabs, rickshaws, cargo tricycles as well as many other custom designed vehicles. With a manufacturing workshops in Poland and the UK we are able to provide best quality at the very competitive prices as well as full back up of spares and technical support.

Cargo trike tick   No Petrol
tick   No Road Tax
tick   Zero Emissions
tick   Eco friendly
tick   Low maintenance costs

tick   Highest quality craftsmanship

tick   Great and tested design

tick   Made in the EU

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Why not look at the range of our high quality pedicabs, rickshaws and cargo trikes

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We organise promotions, events, weddings, parties and mobile outdoor advertising campaigns

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Looking to hire a rickshaws?

Look at the range of our pedicabs, rickshaws and cargo tricycles

EcoTaxi image

EcoTaxi - perfect solution for fleet rickshaws

Our classic pedicab rickshaw with great reputation. Well developed and tested design is currently one of the lightest rickshaw among all the pedicabs in the world. Maxpro Ecotaxi it's a London riders first choice. Available from £3150

More info about Ecotaxi

Maxpro Eco Promo image

EcoPromo - specialist in outdoor advertising

This is our most iconic beauty. Designed for the purpose of mobile outdoor advertising campaigns features with a large Ad space as well as runs perfectly as a fleet rickshaw. Lightweight rigid canopy with streamlined shape makes it light and smooth to ride. Available from £3495

More info about Ecopromo

Maxpro Street Flyer image

Street Flyer - the lightest pedicab rickshaw in the world

Still not in the production due to patents pending. This will be the lightest serial made pedicab in the world with the weight starting from as little as 43kg and 59.5kg with the electric assist. Available from £3995 for preorder.

More info about Street Flyer

Ecocargo image

EcoCargo - best choice in alternative goods transportation

Probably the largest cargo tricycle on the market. Available in two versions with low and high canopy. Maximum payload up to 250Kg or 1100 dm3. Available from £2995

More info about Ecocargo

blueMate- perfect hard top delivery tricycle

Unique tricycle made for inner city deliveires with lockable load compartment. Simply the best in the alternative transport Available from £2999

More info about Ecocargo

About us and our rickshaws

Maxpro Pedicabs Maxpro Pedicabs has been established in 2004 when our first pedicab rickshaw ''Maxpro G6'' -  the first fully alloy-made pedicab has been made. Two years later, we released our second product, Maxpro EcoTaxi, which soon became the best seller with the great value and best quality in the range. From the great sucess of Ecotaxi rickshaw, we adapted the design to suit different needs of our customers and created EcoPromo . This was truly designed for outdoor advertising. We a growing demand for various types of tricycles we decided to create Ecocargo. Designed for goods transportation turned to be great in carrying delivery of goods for many small business owners. All three models have a modular design with interchangeable carriages, that makes them really functional with extra added value of useability.

The latest development is the Maxpro Street Flyer, the most advanced construction of tricycle pedicab rickshaw available on the Earth. With the weight of only 43kg it’s the lightest pedicab rickshaw ever produced.

Most of our pedicabs and rickshaws are assembled in the UK. There’s around three hundred of Maxpro's running daily on the streets of London. By becoming a #1 tricycle rickshaw manufacturer our vehicles have quickly expaned other to other European cities, including Amsterdam, Oslo, Marsille, Lisbon, Barcelona, Munich and many other cities.

Many years of experience also enabled us to offer many rickshaw related services such as rickshaws for hire, rickshaw wedding, or pedicab outdoor advertising. If you are interested in hiring a pedicab for an event, please do contact us for more information and very competitive rates.



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