Electric Assist for Pedicabs & Cargo Bikes

Electric  assist


How it works

Our electric asisst helps tremendously on the hills. Electric motor istalled as a part of the transfer hub poweres up rear differential and the power is transmitted on both rear wheels. With a gearing ratio it increases the torque of the motor. There is no better way of placing the drive system. The electric asisst can be used on cargo bikes, base trike with flatbed pedicabs and rickshaws.

Main features:

  • Rear wheel drive provides the best power transmission
  • Hidden and quiet located underneath the carriage
  • 48V 250-500W system provides the best power and torque with minimal current used
  • Pedal Assist with 6 power modes
  • LCD Display showing main function of the drive
  • Lithium-ion technology offers the best ration of capacity and weight
  • Range from 20-80km
  • Variable battery sizes available from 11Ah to 30Ah (please contact us for details

electric assist on pedicab